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Pain is a very personal, subjective experience even though the cause may not be immediately apparent. At CPM Health Centres, we understand that the pain is very real. We work carefully with each patient and his/her family physician to develop an individualized and comprehensive treatment plan that will produce the best possible results.
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Physician Training

Upcoming CPM Part I Training Sessions (Click here to receive more information)

 August 17th and 18th, 2012: Mississauga, Ontario

All physicians practising in CPM Health Centres attend a two part training program in the current fundamentals of chronic pain management. Accredited by the Ontario College of Family Physicians, the first part of the training program is a thorough review of :

- the epidemiology of chronic pain
- the patho-physiology of pain
- patient assessment
- psycho-social contributors to pain and suffering
- physicial examination, investigation and diagnosis
- techniques of chronic pain management
- interventional approaches to chronic pain
- pharmaco-therapy of CNCP
- complementary approaches to the treatment of chronic pain
- universal precautions in the use of opiods to treat chronic pain
- assessment and treatment tools

The second part of the training is a clinical preceptorship where newly trained physicians are partnered with experienced practitioners to co-manage a prescribed number of patients through their treatment program, ensuring  consistency and quality of  care.

Once credentialled by CPM's  Program Medical Director to practice in a CPM Health Centre, each physician must attend a prescribed number of hours of continuing education in chronic pain to maintain their status. 

If you would like more information on practice opportunities with CPM Health Centres,please contact us
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